About This Blog

Running Horse is a blog written by me, Leah Tynan (née Brunetto), to share my life journeys, creative passions, technical knowledge, and the amazing experiences where those intersect.

I spend my days creating art, designing and programming interactive software experiences, learning to move in new ways (dancing and skateboarding), playing music, and exploring urban and natural landscapes. Many of these experiences manifest into works in my portfolio. This blog is space where I share and reflect on the stories behind the portfolio.

The Running Horse has been my logo for almost a decade. It’s derived from the first in my series of Lunar New Year illustrations. I was born in the Year of the Horse when I reached that horse in the 12 year cycle (two cycles later aged 24), it inspired me and became a way to represent myself. The horse is moving and grounded at the same time, which is what I aspire toward in my work and life.

Thank you for finding me here. I wish you so much success and joy on the journey you’re on, and hope this blog brings you some inspiration!