Blog Update Announcement

Hi readers! Some big updates are coming to this blog in early 2023.

In mid-October, I closed my 10+ year chapter at the Museum of Science, Boston. 

This will give me more time to focus on raising our family, freelance, as well as work on content creation for this blog and my YouTube channel. This blog’s content will remain the same. Here is the topic list from the very first blog post:

  1. The intersection of personal and professional.
    • How things I come across in my daily life influence my work
    • Humanizing my career in software development — talking about my projects and technical concepts in a way that anyone can understand
    • Demonstrating diversity in programmers and types of software projects, with a focus on art, design, and my non-traditional career pathway
    • How I optimize my life to do the best work possible
  2. Delightful, inspiring elements in my life. I will showcase the interplay of delight, rigor, creativity, and kindness by sharing things that make me happy.
  3. Mentorship. I have a longstanding interest and participation in mentorship (particularly, in the realm of tech focusing on underrepresented groups). This blog will integrate mentorship within personal stories and projects shown. In this blog, I will be transparent about my struggles and how I overcame them, as well as areas I’m working on where I may feel stuck or vulnerable.

I will also be re-theming this blog and infusing it with many more photos, illustrations, and videos. I have purposefully kept this blog in an almost purely text format so that I could write and publish freely without needing to spend time on visuals (thank you, Independent Publisher 2 theme). However, I’ve realized that this has held this blog back from growing, because visuals are so important to drawing people in and especially relevant to my work as an artist and programmer. I am grateful to now have the time to craft a blog that is more comprehensive and (hopefully) draws a bigger audience.

I am really excited! I hope to see you here again soon.