Portrait of Leah Tynan

About Leah

I'm an artist & software developer native to Cambridge, MA (USA), where I still live and work today.

Seeing creative works take shape, and observing users interacting with them, is my greatest joy. I aspire to create experiences that take people out of the normal flow of life, facilitate new perspectives, and celebrate beauty in the natural and built worlds.

I currently work in the Interactive Media team within the Learning & Research Division at the Museum of Science, Boston. I collaborate with multidisciplinary teams to ideate and design screen-based and mixed physical/digital interactives and build them using primarily the C# programming language and the Unity game engine. My most significant contributions have been to the Museum's new permanent Engineering Design Workshop exhibit, which opened in March 2021.

How do art and programming connect?

Imagining and creating systems is a unifying thread connecting art and software. At a certain point, I reflected on my artwork and what excites me the most. For example, recent art series explored constellations, the seasons, types of landscapes, and the Lunar New Year. They share a combination of open-endedness and structure — the system (be it spatial, chronological, etc.) is what curates them, and holds space for improvisation, personalization, and emotion. The conceptualization of a work starts a fun process of filling in the pieces, with repeated satisfaction as those elements blend and speak to one another (sometimes on purpose, sometimes by chance).

At their core, art and programming are also both about creating things that didn't exist before. You may have an idea at the start, and the end product tends to be richer and more fascinating than imagined. I love going on these journeys!

In tandem with producing work, sharing my love of these disciplines and being of service to others is extremely important to me. Please browse my Resources, Writing, and Speaking below.

My other hobbies and interests include music (check out my YouTube channel!), gaming, dance, skateboarding, biking, yoga, gardening, and urban design.



Resources, Writing, and Speaking